The Easiest Way To Extract Procore Data

  • Connect people to the data they need quickly.

Within a few simple clicks, extract data from Procore's Project Management or Quality & Safety tools

Managing large Procore projects with numerous Action Plans has never been easier.


Reduce administrative time spent on extracting data down to minutes.

Simplifies the process of consolidating your entire Action Plan into a single, comprehensive PDF document.

Why  Extractus?

Developed with Procore for Procore

Why do people choose Extractus?

Because we have developed Extractus hand in hand with Procore experts at Smoothlink, a trusted 100% Procore partner with over 4 years of experience in delivering Procore integrations and a network of over 600 global connections. When it comes to trust, who else could you rely on?

Simplified Process

Forget the tedious task of downloading and merging PDFs with Extractus by Smoothlink.

Organize & Categorize

Managing large Procore projects with numerous Action Plans has never been easier.

Account Security

Experience peace of mind with Extractus, by securely storing your data in Procore documents, ready to download when needed.

Fast Extraction

Facilitating project approvals and permits is a breeze with Extractus.


Choose Extractus And Experience The Difference

We Prioritize


We ensure quick and efficient extractions.


Count on us for dependable solutions.

Global Support

Access assistance worldwide, around the clock.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are tailored to meet your budget.

Continuous Development

We’re committed to evolving our product.

Ongoing Support

Rest easy with our unwavering support.


How It Works

  • Extractus by Smoothlink is embedded in your Procore account and is seamlessly integrated into Procore.
  • Access Extracus within your Procore account in Apps Filter the information you wish to extract.
  • Click Extract and watch the magic happen with your data in real-time.
  • Your data can now be managed locally, put onto a flash drive and handed over all without needing Procore or internet access.

Visit our evolution page to become a part of our product’s evolution and let us know what you’d like Extractus to extract next!

What Clients Were Saying At

Groundbreak 2023



Having witnessed Extractus in action at Groundbreak, it's clear that this product holds the potential to revolutionise our operations. The ability to extract Action Plans from Procore and access them from any location is an innovative solution that perfectly aligns with our needs and goals.


As someone who experienced a demonstration of Extractus by Smoothlink, I must say that it left a lasting impression. The user-friendly interface speaks volumes about the tool's focus on simplicity and efficiency. What truly sets it apart is the ease of adoption; it doesn't demand extensive training, enabling our team to swiftly embrace it and immediately enjoy the advantages.


About Smoothlink

Smoothlink is an established solution-based company, specializing in building integration solutions for Procore Technologies. Smoothlink has collaborated with the construction industry and with Procore's business development team to refine and deliver an exceptional service to our clients.

The Smoothlink Integration products and service have grown from strength to strength now supporting 600+ Procore connections worldwide. Smoothlink has quickly become well known for its reliable integrations, competitive pricing and innovation.

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